Administrator: Resources overview

Updated by Jennifer B.

Resources are individuals, teams, or companies who have been invited to participate in a project. Resources become team members when they accept the invitation.

A company resource is another company that you want to work with to restore a loss. You can add companies as resources, then your claim representatives can add them as team members to claims. Resource companies need to provide you with their resource IDs, which can be found in their Account Info section.

Individual resources can be assigned the following roles.

  • General Collaborators, which allows resources to create projects for their companies and be added as team members on projects. Resources become general collaborators when they accept the invitation and become team members.
  • Video Collaborators, which allows resources to perform video collaborations within projects.
  • Claims Administrators, which allows resources to view projects within their company's instance. Claims administrators can assign company and individual resources.
  • Instance Administrators, which allows resources to add new resources and configure other instance-wide settings.

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