Administrator: When you configure a task for DAA

Updated by Jennifer B.

When you configure a task for damage assessment automation (DAA), you

  • Determine the workflow that will be followed when an estimate is returned, specifically regarding displaying the estimate amount to the task assignee and allowing them to accept or decline the estimate amount.
  • Access profile-specific headers, model statements, and claim representative/estimator data from Xactimate.
  • Access profile-specific types of losses, coverages, and sub-limits.
  • Determine which reports should be autogenerated and which reports, if any, should be automatically shared with the task assignee when the task has been completed.
  • Configure tasks to allow the task assignee to accept or decline the displayed estimate net claim amount.
    • Based on the accept/decline action, you can customize dialog messages to provide additional information.
    • Notifications can be triggered to notify the primary contact and/or any designated email recipients of the actions taken.

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