Primary contact: Primary contact actions

Updated by Jennifer B.

Primary Contacts are those resources who create collaborations, are assigned as part of the creation of the project or are assigned by either an administrator or the primary contact currently assigned to the project or as part of the creation of the project. As a project’s primary contact, you have the greatest amount of control over your projects. In addition to being able to grant and revoke full access to the project to other team members, you can also

  • Invite policyholders to join the collaboration.
  • Update the policyholder’s personal information when they are unable to access their account.
  • Update the policyholder’s Personal Preferences when they are unable to access their account.
  • Request customer feedback from the policyholder, if the option has been enabled by the administrator.
  • View the policyholder’s customer feedback and decide who should have access.
  • Reassign the role of primary contact or give and revoke full access to project data to another team member.
  • Invite team members to and remove team members from a project.
  • Hide and unhide team members from the policyholder.
  • Accept and decline outside requests for team membership on a project.
  • Flag items and request additional information on personal property replacement items.

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