Primary contact: Initiate an inventory

Updated by Jennifer B.

If you are a project’s primary contact and your company has enabled the Personal Property functionality, you can start a personal property inventory and invite project participants, including the policyholder, to help build that inventory. This will help keep track of items that were damaged or destroyed by a loss. Inventories can be initiated in ClaimXperience or imported from ContentsTrack.

To initiate an inventory in ClaimXperience,

  1. Click Personal property in your Tasks menu.
  2. Click Share task.
  3. Add replacement items, making sure to enter all required information.
  4. Click Add.

To import an inventory from ContentsTrack,

  1. Log in to ContentsTrack.
  2. Select the job with inventory you want to export to ClaimXperience.
  3. Click Inventory.
  4. Click Customer portal.

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