Administrator: What does Image Analytics check?

Updated by Jennifer B.

The Image Analytics service checks an image’s metadata for potential problems regarding the images and sends notifications if there are potential issues. There are a few types of checks you can select, all of which are only available for use with .jpg files. These checks are

  • Metadata Check, which checks for modifications made to the image, providing the image’s software signature, the date the image was modified (if modifications were made), and the dimensions of the image.
  • Date Discrepancy, which flags images taken a specified number of days before the date of loss. If there is no date of loss, this check does not run.
  • Location, which identifies the distance from the property address that images can be captured. If there is no property address, this check does not run.
  • Internet Check, which checks if the image exists on the internet.

Please be aware that for these checks to be run, the image must contain metadata and be in .jpg format.

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