Contents Collaboration: How do I submit my receipts?

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Currently, Contents Collaboration only supports the following image types: JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, GIF
Your insurance carrier will notify you when it is time to add your receipts. You will not see Receipts in your side menu until you receive that notification.

  1. When you receive the notification email for submitting your receipt, use the Access Contents Collaboration link provided to log back into your Contents Collaboration account.
  2. Within Content Collaboration, select Receipts from your side menu (which does not appear until your adjustor is ready).
  3. Click View attachments .
  4. Add the receipt image using Drag file here or Click to browse.
  5. Click Submit Receipts.
    You can submit receipts as you receive them. Columns that must contain information are marked with an asterisk (*) in the column header. If any required fields are empty, the Submit button will not be active.
Example of how to add multiple receipts for the same type of item
If you indicate to your claim representative that ten mugs were destroyed and you have replaced them, your claim rep will want the receipts for the ten mugs.

When you are on your receipts page, the total quantity of mugs should equal ten. If you have three different receipts for the ten mugs, enter the number of mugs on the first receipt.

If you enter or select four in the *Qty Replaced column, a new line will automatically appear because you have six more mugs you need to enter receipts for.

If you enter or select five on the row that automatically appeared, another row will be added because you
need to enter a receipt for the last mug you replaced. Once the total of mugs equals ten, no more rows will appear unless you adjust the number of mugs on the previous rows.

View submitted receipts

  1. Within Contents Collaboration, select Receipts from your left-side menu.
  2. Click Receipts submissions near the bottom of the page to see the receipts you have already submitted.
  3. Click View attachments on the row of the item with the receipt you'd like to see. This opens an image of the receipt.

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