Contents Collaboration: What do I do if I receive an information request?

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Contents Collaboration provides a brief application walkthrough specific to Information Requests. You can access the walkthrough again by clicking Help in the Tools menu while on the Info Requests tab.
  1. Use the Access Contents Collaboration link included in your notification email to return to the Contents Collaboration login page.
  2. Log in to your Contents Collaboration account and view the information in the new Info Requests tab.
  3. Update each line item in the Info Requests tab to provide the requested information.
You can respond to the Info Requests by entering information directly into the columns or by adding a note to the item.
Your claim representative may include a General Note as part of their request. Click General Note to review the note sent by your claim representative about items in the Info Request.
  1. After entering additional information, click Submit Info Requests to send the completed Info Requests back to your claim representative.
You can submit Info Requests as you complete them. However, you won't get any subsequent Info Requests from your claim representative until you've responded to all previous Info Requests.

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