Administrator: Setting default primary contacts for projects auto-created through XactAnalysis?

Updated by Jennifer B.

You can access this feature and set a default primary contact for a specific dataset only after your Xactware administrator has added an Xactware dataset.

Logged in XactAnalysis User 

Selecting Logged in XactAnalysis User requires manual assignment creation in XactAnalysis. If the user assigned in XactAnalysis doesn’t exist as a ClaimXperience resource, they will automatically be added to this instance. 
  1. Click Settings in your Administration menu. 
  2. Click Project
  3. Select Logged in XactAnalysis User as the Default Primary Contact. 
  4. Click SAVE


Instance Resource 

  1. Click Settings in your Administrator menu. 
  2. Click Project
  3. Select Instance Resource as the Default Primary Contact. 
  4. Search for and select the instance resource. 
  5. Click SAVE

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