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ClaimXperience® is a comprehensive, cloud-based collaboration tool that claims professionals can use to involve policyholders in the claims process, boosting customer satisfaction and accelerating the claims cycle.

With ClaimXperience, policyholders can stay up to date on their claim's progress and easily collaborate with the professionals working on their claim. ClaimXperience simplifies the claim workflow by providing general collaboration, video collaboration, contents collaboration, and policyholder self-serve options.

System requirements
You can find the current system requirements for ClaimXperience on the Policyholder Collaboration: ClaimXperience system requirements (https://www.verisk.com/insurance/products/claimxperience/system-requirements/) page.
Supported file types
You can upload the following file types:
– Audio: mp3, ogg, wav
– Documents: cxv, doc, docx, eml, esx, msg, pdf, xls, xlsx
– Images: bmp, jpeg, jpg, png, zip
– Videos: 3gp, 3gpp, avi, gif, m4a, m4v, mov, mp4, mpeg, wmv
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Xactware Solutions, Inc. privacy notice
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Verisk's Approach to Cybersecurity
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