Create or edit a loss inventory

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  1. Use the Access Contents Collaboration link provided in the email invitation from your claim representative to go to the Collaboration Account Creation page.
  2. On the Collaboration Account Creation page, create a password and click Begin.
  3. Go through the brief application walkthrough that begins when you first log in.
  4. You can access the walkthrough again by clicking Help in the Tools menu.
  5. Begin filling out your loss inventory:
    • Add items to the inventory by typing directly into the inventory table or by clicking Add or Click to add a new item.
    Columns required by the insurance carrier are marked with an asterisk (*) in the column header.
    • Use the Room column to assign loss inventory items to different rooms. Each new item is automatically added to the previous room, but this can be changed as needed. You can filter the Room column to show specific rooms.
    Items from the same room will be grouped together when the inventory is sent to the claim representative.
    • Filter your Loss Inventory using specific search terms in Search Loss Inventory. You can search by a specific column or columns.
    To return to your full loss inventory, clear your search term or click the Return to full Loss Inventory link.
    • Attach images to line items by clicking Attachment  .
    You can upload the following image types: .jpg, .png, .tif, .bmp, .gif.
    You can browse to image files or drag and drop onto the attachment drop zone.
    • If enabled by your insurance carrier expand and collapse the Inventory Suggestions found at the bottom of the page. Click items in the suggestions list to add them to your inventory. You can then enter additional details for each item.
    The Inventory Suggestions feature is commonly used on larger losses when you may have a hard time remembering items.
    You can select two or more items and use Group Edit to make the same changes to all selected items in the loss inventory.
  6. After you complete your loss inventory, click Submit Inventory.
If your company requires certain inventory fields to be filled out, you will be notified of the missing line-item information when you try to submit your inventory. You will need to complete all required fields before submitting.

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