What are additional living expenses (ALE)?

Updated 1 year ago by Jennifer B.

Additional living expenses, or ALE, are extra expenses policyholders incur if they must leave their permanent residence because of a loss. ALE categories allow users to distinguish what kind of expenses are being added. Examples of categories include Meals, Hotel, Rent, and Transportation. If the ALE task has been shared with you, you will be able to see an overview of alerts for items that need to be reviewed, information about the temporary housing, and an overview of the start and end dates, the policy limit and the people and animals affected by the loss. You also can also add and edit information as needed.

If the Additional Living Expense task is shared with you, you can

  • Add and edit expenses
  • Request receipts for expenses
  • Add and edit temporary housing information
  • Add and edit housing company information
  • Export expenses

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