Administrator: Collaboration options to enable

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Only administrators can enable these options.

Policyholder Collaboration

Policyholder Action Emails

    • Team members are notified anytime policyholders make changes on their dashboard. Changes include uploading photos, documents, and video, as well as sending messages.
  • Upload Video
    • The policyholder can upload videos.

Video Collaboration

  • Live Call
    • The Live Call option is available for video collaboration.
  • Remote Control
    • Claim representatives can take photos, record videos, and turn on the flashlight (if available on the policyholder’s device). Policyholders have the option to disable remote control during the live call. 
  • Multiple Viewers
    • Adjusters can invite up to three additional viewers to a live call. This includes a Viewer Chat feature that can allow viewers to communicate with the adjuster without interrupting the call.
  • Adjuster Picture-in-Picture
    • Policyholders can see their claim representative during live calls. Adjusters need to have cameras on their computers for this to work.
  • Upload Request
    • The Upload Request is available.
  • Web Conference
    • Adjusters can send the invitee a link to join a web conference via their web browser.
  • Share Desktop
    • Web conference participants can share their desktop with the other web conference participants.

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