Team member: Add items to an inventory

Updated by Jennifer B.

You can only add Replace Items to a contents inventory.
You can upload and attach files to the item or provide additional information on the item using the Files and Notes tabs in the Add Replacement Item drawer. This can be done now or at any time throughout the life of the project.

Adding items from within the portal

Option 1: Adding items one at a time

  1. Click Contents in your Tasks menu.
  2. Click Replace.
  3. Click Add item.
  4. Enter the replacement item details.
  5. Click Add.

Option 2: Add inventory items using media already added to the project

  1. Click Files in your General collaboration menu.
  2. Click the image of the item you want to add to the inventory.
  3. Click Edit ().
  4. Click the Add to contents toggle.
  5. Enter a description of the item.
  6. Enter the item information.
  7. Click Save.

Option 3: Bulk add inventory items

  1. Click Contents in your Tasks menu.
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis ().
  3. Select Import inventory.
  4. Click Download import template.
  5. Enter inventory items and requested information.
  6. Save the completed for to your computer.
  7. Return to the Import Inventory drawer.
  8. Upload the completed inventory template using No files chosen ().
  9. Click Import.

Add inventory items from outside of the portal

  1. Click the link in the notification.
  2. Read and accept the Important Information.
  3. Click Add replacement item.
  4. Enter the item information.
  5. Click Add.
  6. After all inventory items have been added, click Submit.

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