Administrator: Instance information

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Account Info

The Account Info tab provides the following information about your instance:

  • Instance Name
    • The name assigned to an instance when it is created
  • Instance Type
    • The available instance types are Property and Auto
    • This controls the in-product Upload Request helps
  • Account Number
    • The account number used for billing
  • Subdomain URL
    • The URL specific to your instance that policyholders and team members log in with
    • Changing this URL breaks all existing invites to policyholders, team members, and Upload Request links
  • Resource ID
    • The ID for your company that allows other companies to add you as a resource
  • Queue Code
    • A generic conference code used within the ClaimXperience Video Collaboration mobile app which places users into a queue to wait for the next available claim representative
  • IP Whitelisting
    • Restricts access of the ClaimXperience portal to claim representatives logging in on the specified IP addresses

If you need to make changes to any of this information, contact your Account Manager.

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