What is the Claims Library?

Updated 1 year ago by Jennifer B.

Your Claims Library contains a list of the projects of which you are a team member. These include the projects you create, as well as those to which you have been added. Projects, also called claims, contain collaboration information shared through ClaimXperience by policyholders and team members throughout the life of the project. As a team member, you have access to the My Claims tab, which shows you those claims to which you are assigned as either a team member or the primary contact.

If you are a claims administrator, you also have access to the All Claims tab which provides a list of your company’s claims. As a claims administrator you can

  • Change the status of a project.
  • Update project details.
  • Assign yourself to a project as a team member.
  • Invite a policyholder or resource to a specific project within ClaimXperience.

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